Redefine yourself from the high-end women’s brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION

For many women who have worked for several years, many people feel that their lives have become more and more boring. Busy work has occupied most of their lives. Without their own entertainment activities, the circle of friends has become more fixed. I really want to change, but I’m not sure what to do when I’m busy with this situation. Although we are busy, we cannot change it for the time being, but! You can change the high-end women’s brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION and redefine yourself.

The high-end women’s wear brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION is actually a high-end series product line under MICHAEL KORS, and it is also a line that many girls who work for several years like very much. The MICHAEL KORS brand, a light and luxurious bag brand, features women’s Collection for the summer season and refreshing colors. Many people know that MICHAEL KORS’s bags are very famous and are very popular in the luxury industry. But they do not know that the MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION, another product line of the light luxury brand MK, is also a front-line series of fashion circles, positioning higher-end, and the design style is also very Diversification, many clothing, shoes, designer handbags outlet and other products have their own personality. This is why you want to change, must be the reason for starting from the high-end women’s brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION.

The high-end women’s brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION series will design their own styles of clothes and bags according to different popular elements. In the summer of this year, high-end women’s wear brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION has launched a number of trendy garments with classic retro elements. These clothes have brought female charm to the fullest and have been praised by many young women.

For example, the zebra stripe maxi dress in the latest series of MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION is considered by many as one of the most versatile and most worthy of the clothes to be purchased. The zebra pattern has been popular since long ago and has been repeatedly used in the fashion circle. The zebra-stretch skirt of the high-end women’s wear brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION will feel very soft on the body, but it has a strong personality and makes people want to be close. At the same time, he was deeply afraid of being rejected. This skirt can be well managed on any occasion, whether it is at work or on the weekend. It will also make people unconsciously return to their true self.

In addition, in the latest series of MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION, Plaid long-sleeved suit jacket is also a concern of the clothes, Plaid is also a popular classic element, this dress is very Western style, wearing a body is also very self-cultivation, with skirt wear can give People have a professional and very cultivated feeling, and wearing a cropped trousers with the same pattern will make people feel very cold.

If you want to create a better overall shape, then high-end women’s wear brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION Muse leather high heels will be a good match. Muse leather high heels have two elements of choice, one is a zebra pattern, this pattern with the original zebra striped dress will become even more full of personality, and if the other with a white shirt or checkered coat is actually very wild. And Muse leather high heels another pattern is based on white rose prints, full of romantic feeling, this shoe can be used with the same rose print-based tube top dress or rose print jacket, sprayed with sweet Perfume, someone walking on the road must be looking for admiration.

And the high-end women’s wear brand MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION is not only the choice of clothes and shoes, but also the bags that women love. One of the Bancroft medium leather handbags and chain leather shoulder bag can also be easily used to match clothes, Bancroft medium leather handbag is also based on the retro rose pattern, when you hold it in the moment, It will feel like a noble woman who crossed from the 19th century. The troubles and trivialities of life will immediately be thrown behind her head.



Light luxury handbag brand MICHAEL KORS brings you endless coolness this summer

With the arrival of the beginning of summer, the temperature gradually increased, and the feeling of summer became stronger and stronger. At this time, we should replace the heavy and cumbersome clothes and dress lightly in soft colors. The light luxury bag brand MICHAEL KORS has launched 2018 new Michael kors products. Let’s take a look at how cool it will be for you this summer!

In the summer, the sun, the beach and the swimming pool are reminiscent of this theme. In order to cater to such a theme, the MICHAEL KORS brand, a light and luxurious bag brand, features handbags for the summer season and refreshing colors. It is softer under the slightly warm sea breeze.

The first is the large Malibu leather tote bag, which is crafted from smooth textured leather with a delicate gold-tone locking pendant to give it a popular trapezoidal shape. The preparation of coconut fiber in this bag, whether it is to go to the beach for a holiday or a picnic, is very much in line with the situational design. Its inner space is very abundant, it can put down the daily necessities for holidays or picnics, and it has a patch pocket inside it that can be used to store some important personal items. The design is very intimate. Of course, daily out of the street, like this bag can give people the effect of brightening, adding a touch of cool this summer.

Then there is this Malibu medium leather handbag, which is a square outline design, simple and elegant, exudes a different kind of 1950s classic small suitcase. This piece is also made of smooth textured leather with a gold-plated pendant and a four-corner leather wrap that provides adequate protection for the bottom. The interior of the bag is covered with soft suede, and the texture from the inside is overwhelming. The interior space just fits the daily necessities, and this bag still follows the usual design of the light luxury bag brand MICHAEL KORS – a pack of dual-use, either hand-twisted or adjustable. This bag can be packed into a suitcase during a trip. As long as the T-shirt or other soft filler is stuffed inside the bag, there is no need to worry about being

Another highlight of this season’s new luxury handbag brand MICHAEL KORS is the footwear, Bella high-heeled sandals, Jodi high-heeled sandals Bella sandals show the summer style of different women, of course, this Shelly flat with sandals using high-quality leather The contours are effortlessly stylish and can easily be worn with dresses and cropped trousers. This is the perfect choice for women to create a perfect look this summer.

MICHAEL KORS 2018 Spring/Summer Glasses Collection

The Michael Kors 2018 eyewear collection features a dazzling multifaceted style with its classic silhouette and rich materials. Each of the new series is bold. That is the reason Michael Kors has been very hot recently

Strokes interpret the classic charm, exquisite craftsmanship and custom materials, highlight the modern beauty in the details, such as the punching design on the metal material, etching the text of the lens and mix and match design.


Grayton is a double-brimmed round eyeglass with a double-sided, layered, cutout design that is subtle and chic. The clean and straight line of metal temples adds a touch of modern elegance. Grayton’s frames are available in silver, light gold, matte purple or dark blue, with dark green mirror lenses or dark brown, dark purple or gray-blue gradient lenses.


New Orleans is a modern style of square eyeglasses. The double-sided layered hollow frame on the frame is exquisite and unique, with metal matte texture legs, both taste and depth. The glasses are available in Michael Kors Classic Rose Gold, Black and Coffee.


The modern geometric outline is Savannah’s design highlights, making it a must-have for this season. The top edge of the frame is beautifully embellished with beautiful colors and jumps in color. The glasses’ color scheme includes: water pink mosaic pattern frame with bright rose gold mirror legs, dark green mosaic pattern frame with golden temples, black frame with gold temples. And with brown purple, light gray and gray gradient lenses.

Galway’s novel, chic cat’s eye contours are modern and full of exquisitely custom-made panels and light, smooth metal to create a relaxed and elegant aesthetic. This pair of eyeglasses features a black mosaic pattern frame with black/gold temples, a pink mosaic pattern frame with enamel/rose gold temples.

Sanibel has a fashionable butterfly silhouette and is a must-have for this season. Modern flat lenses with a minimalist gilt frame give a relaxed elegance. The glasses can be nude, black/gold, light gold or white/rose gold, snow leopard with silver. Spectacular mirror lenses are available in cobalt blue, gold, purple, silver and rose gold.


Which MK bag is worth to buy?

The bags of MK’s family are also popular almost everywhere in the past two years. Many supermodels and celebrities love to use them, and casual searches are full of “star models.” But it is really beautiful and wild, even if the collision hit the tragic. Some peopel may want to know how to identify authentic MK bags.

On September 21, 2016, Michael Kors introduced the new Scout camera bag series. The series was inspired by the collaboration between Michael Kors and Fujifilm. This is Fujifilm’s first cross-border cooperation with a fashion brand. Although the camera bag was only officially released on October 20, it was already in the star circle led by a large power. Backfire!


Cynthia is also known as Dai Baobao. The line design is very tough and the decoration is very gentle. The temperament is absolutely excellent. Otherwise, how do the stars like it? In particular, after the high-round round back, he added extra points to Cynthia. The various colors are very famous. Will you see if you like it? In this small series, we recommend white and black.


This Riley bag is really a popular explosion for the stars. The goddess of the circle, Alexander Ambrosio, has more than one person. Not a word? “A bag in hand, said go away,” said that this is only it, it’s design is too wild, whether it is handsome, casual, celebrities,  and simple and atmospheric design plus soft The material is very big and very comfortable. There is its super large capacity, it is really like people, the most important thing is to want to start as long as 1600!

Why is MK (Michael Kors) suddenly popular?

Michael Kors has been very hot recently, and this year in the world’s Open shop is also very fast, and their number of open shop worldwide can reach three digits, because the volume of open shop to stimulate sales growth quickly. At the same time, consumers have become inert to traditional old luxury goods, and they need new brands to meet their diverse needs.

These lightweight brand price is very high, prices will not be as expensive as a first-line luxury, but the quality is also very good, and design is trendy, fashion, of course, is sought after.

Michael Kors is a famous American fashion designer Michael Kors’s personal name. Designer Michael Kors is a minimalist, his design style is simple and clear, love the use of high-grade fabric sewing clothing, cashmere knitted style is his forte, but also good at the design of expensive sportswear, is not divorced from the reality of the fantasy home, the New York City of Paris, with its own design, won the attention of the world.

The Michael Kors brand combines stylish, comfortable, sexy and sporty winds to create an elegant, personable, gorgeous charm.

Michael Kors’s Selma bag series is definitely a star package. In the domestic people often call it “ear bag”, modelling unique, and version is very good, even if used for a long time, will not easily deformed.

The identification method of MK Bag’s true and false bags

Michael Kors is the international three-line brand, said that it is the third line because it is cheap, quality of workmanship can not be called line line, but also said it is big, because its sales really large. Meng Pig is not selling bags, this paste specifically to combat some of the fake Mk bag cheat sellers, this post is specifically about the basic situation of MK and identify the true and false Michael Kors several points of recognition.

1 Dumplings bag

This is my favorite section, Litchi veins, not stereotypes bag, in the many sections of the MK price high. This bag distinguishes the main attention two points, one is the bottom is nails, flat, and there are ornaments, there is no engraved “Michael Kors” words. So there are lettering you know, that is, can be identified as a fake bag.

2 ava

This is not very good to distinguish, because the characteristics are too few, but its top has a slight radian, very natural. Fortunately, the current market in the general feedback is that this fake bag compared to other sections less. In addition, the Mini has no dust bag and manual, then those who swear to bask in the dust bag and instructions, you know!

3 Lock Bag

MK Lock bag looks good, but slightly heavier. The bottom has the nail, the circular bulge, above has the inscription “The Michael kors” the word, the key is certainly may unlock. At present, most of the fake lock bags appear at the bottom of the nail, but the nails are rough workmanship, and did not engrave the words “Michael Kors”, more friends have a rough imitation of the lock bag, the key can not open the locks

Michael Kors:We never overlook consumers

In the matter of advancing with the Times, the American light luxury brand Michael Kors has never left a half step. In a country where there is no haute couture tradition, and jeans are born, Michael Kors a heavy historical burden and strives for a more leisurely and efficient lifestyle.

Now on the streets of the United States, Michael Kors handbags and watches are everywhere, to a large extent, the light luxury brand has become synonymous with American fashion. Although often criticized as “too commercialized”, Michael Kors’s vision has been demonstrated with the full penetration of leisure style and pro-populism in the fashion industry in recent years.

Michael Kors in 1981 created the same name light luxury brand, the brand completely project the designer himself a complete set of life philosophy. The identity of child actors since childhood has given Michael Kors a chance to glimpse the lifestyle of American celebrity celebrities. Later at the New York Fashion Institute Fit Learning Design, he used the internship in Lothar ‘ s to start exercising with the celebrity circle of communication skills. Before graduating, officially started the fashion business.

“What is American fashion?” The United States does not have a history of advanced customization, but we invented jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, we invented the casual style, we designed for ‘ speed ‘ and the birth of fashion and accessories. “In an exclusive interview with Michael Kors in the fashion headlines, he has been unabashed in his pursuit of a faster and more efficient lifestyle, designed to cater to the versatility of busy business people, which condenses into the brand’s core jet set style.”

While it is still customary to define brands such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger in the fashion of the United States, with the development of globalization, the comfortable and leisure lifestyle is gradually recognized, and American fashion has become a global fashion. “Michael Kors will never flag slogans, but if it is comfortable and changeable, and the product of busy life is American fashion, then people call us fashion, but I think we are global.” ”

So while the luxury industry has always been known for its conservatism, globalisation and social media have long appeared on the brand’s agenda for the daring Michael Kors.

The first is rapid global expansion, with a near-radical open shop strategy that makes Michael Kors a global household. With the increasing importance of the Chinese market, Michael Kors brand has increased its commitment to the Chinese market.

“With the expansion of our store network, increased brand awareness and strong growth in Chinese business, the number of stores is expected to reach 200,” said Brand CEO John Idol. China’s urbanisation has accelerated, the middle class has grown faster, and consumers ‘ buying opportunities have brought better growth opportunities for businesses. ”

Michael Kors, who is keenly aware of Chinese consumers ‘ close attention to fashion, thinks young people in China tend to focus on fashion earlier and become more international than younger Americans.